Happy Endings

Updates From Our Adopted Dogs


Update From Duke

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Hi, just an update on ‘Dude’ (now called Duke). He has settled in beautifully, he’s gentle with the cat and careful around the horses.  He loves raging around the paddocks,…


Update From Sydney

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Hello, my name is Sydney. I am a kind, affectionate and loyal puppy and at 10 months old as you can probably guess that I am very, very frisky for…

Uisce Beatha

Tara now named Uisce Beatha

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I just wanted to drop you a line to say Tara (new name Uisce Beatha pronounced Ishka Baha which means Whiskey in Gaelic) is doing great. We bought a collar…


Update From Aaron

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Just thought we would drop you a line to let you know how Aaron is settling in with us (or is it us with him?) 2.5 hours in the car…