How You Can Help By Volunteering

In Our Taupo Animal Center

SPCA Volunteers play a crucial part in the successful day-to-day running of the Animal Centre and Branch, and we are truly grateful to all those who give their time, commitment and enthusiasm. The key ingredients for an enjoyable volunteer experience are commitment, patience, reliability and empathy for animals. Knowing you are helping so many, who cannot help themselves, and improving their lives on a daily basis is deeply rewarding.

To be a Volunteer at the Animal Centre you must be –

At least 16 years old –

Able to commit to a couple of hours a week, on a set day and time

Our Animal Centre Helpers come once a week, for a couple of hours (either mornings or afternoons) to feed and clean the cages of either the cats or dogs. This involves giving the cats / dogs breakfast or dinner, refreshing their water and cleaning out their litter trays and cages. We also require Reliever Volunteers who are able to ‘fill in’ when one of our helpers is away or sick. During the puppy / kitten season, we also need extra helpers who are able to come in to give our little ones a lunchtime feed and assist our Animal Center Managers. We provide full training to all volunteers.

Our Animal Centre Managers, who are also volunteers, open the Animal Centre to the public on Tuesdays to Saturdays 11am – 2pm. These managers assist the public with adopting and surrendering animals, they conduct temperament tests on every animal coming into the Animal Centre and conduct property inspections for people adopting dogs.

As this is a hospital for animals, our standards of care and cleanliness are high. Failure to maintain these standards can result in serious compromise to animal health.

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