Our Wish list

A Few Things We Need To Help Out Around The Place.

Are you wanting to help us out by purchasing things for the animals in our care?

Here are some of the things we would like…

For New SPCA Op Shop:

  • ┬áPortable Air Conditioning Unit for upstairs at Op Shop.
  • Black Biro pens
  • Black vivid markers
  • Tools for general repairs
  • A chest or large wooden box to put dress up clothing in
  • A printer/scanner

For SPCA Animal Shelter:

  • Old towels which we cut up and use to clean cat cages
  • Newspapers
  • Cat and kitten toys
  • Dog collars
  • Dog leads
  • Puppy collars
  • Help with gardening
  • Help with cleaning
  • Baby gate

Cat Cages

We use the plastic bottomed ones with the wire tops here at the centre but other ones for the foster carers to take home cats in are also needed. Second hand is ok as long as they are not broken.

Puppy Play Pens

dog muzzles

Dog Muzzles

SPCA Needs Builders For Odd Jobs