How You Can Help The SPCA

Through Volunteering, Funding & Much More!

Our organisation receives no government or local funding, and thus relies solely on memberships, donations from the public and business sponsorship. We hold many fundraising events throughout the year and are always in need of helpers to assist in running these fun events.

The Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated is a registered, charitable organisation whose mission is to advance the welfare of all animals in New Zealand. Each local SPCA runs its own affairs and handles its own finances, overseen by a voluntary committee.

Warranted inspectors investigate cruelty complaints and enforce the Animal Welfare Act. We do not receive any funding from the government, nor from our National Body, and we do not qualify for assistance from the Lottery Grants. Instead, we rely totally upon the good nature and generosity of the public.

You Can Help The SPCA In Many Ways.

  •  By leaving a Bequest to Taupo SPCA in your Will – helping the animals after you have gone.
  • By offering financial support or gifts in kind
  • By joining  ‘Hope Taupo’ our Cage Sponsorship Program
  • By becoming an SPCA Member
  • By becoming an Animal Centre Helper
  • By assisting at Fundraising Events
  • By assisting in other ways with admin or handyman skills
  • By donating to our Wish List
  • By donating food, kitty, litter, blankets & towels

Contact the Branch on 07 378 4396 or for more information.

Helping Animals In Your Will

You can help us care for our animal friends in our community beyond your lifetime, with a bequest to your SPCA. It’s a simple procedure to leave a gift in your Will and donations of any size really will make a difference to us.

Leaving something to the Taupo SPCA is a way of being remembered for your humanity, and it’s a way of helping us – and helping animals – for many years after your death.

To Leave Money or Property to the Taupo SPCA

You need to contact your solicitor or The Public Trust and put in writing to them that you wish to bequest money or property to the TAUPO SPCA (it is important to state the ‘Taupo Branch of the RNZSPCA’).

You simply state the exact amount of money or preferably, the percentage from the residual from your Estate that you wish to leave to the Branch. Your solicitor, trust company or executor(s) would then confirm back to you the amendment to your Will.

An Example Of Wording To Appear In Your Will

‘I give free of all duties to the Taupo Branch of the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated, for the general purposes of the Branch: (the amount of / or percentage of Estate) and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer, shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustee for this legacy, nor shall my trustee be bound to see to its application.

If you wish to be specific about your bequest, please make your intent clear. For example: ‘for the care and protection of cats’ or ‘for the work carried out by the Education Unit’.

You may wish to remember your own pet in your will and nominate the Taupo SPCA to care for and re-home your pet once you are no longer here to care for him or her yourself.

You can be sure your bequest will be spent or invested wisely into the future to care for the . Taupo SPCA is a Registered Charitable Trust, governed by a group of Trustees drawn from the Taupo Community and our accounts are subject to annual audit.

We would be truly grateful for your contribution. If you choose to include us in your will, please tell us about it. If we know about your bequest we can thank you personally and keep you up to date with our progress and happenings at our Branch.